Friday, 11 December 2015


One morning, I give pocket money to my little sister. I happen to have two sister. A sister of the 6th grade of ELEMENTARY SCHOOL and a younger male class 3 SD. I give pocket money with different amounts to them. Of course my sister got the amount of pocket money that lerbih a lot. Knowing this, when after school my brother protested to me.
"Mas, kalo for fair money donk! My pocket money is less ripe than punyane big brother? "
Then I threw a question to him, "do you think it's fair that as what?"
By polosnya my sister's new 9 year old replied, "Yes, the same amount should donk Mas. Kalo dapet sister so I must also be the same amount as well. "
With a smile I leave him a moment later I met him again by bringing two pieces of glass, literan, and a bottle of water. Both glasses have a different size. The first large glasses and a second small glasses.
"Ok, now I'm dik, help each of the glasses you fill with water as much as 240 mL!"
With little direction from me, he started to fill water into the literan until you reach the number 240 mL and poured it into large glasses. In a large glass, the water almost filled the glass content. However, at the time he filled a small glass of water spilled.
Then I asked him to empty glasses. And now I give different instructions. "Now fill water into each of the glasses until full!"
He started pouring water into each of the glasses until full. And now there is no spilled water.
My best friend and you!
One lesson we can take from the story above: Justice it is not depending on the amount of size.
Often among us complaining to God. "O God why he had more possessions than I? He has the same job, our worship is also the same. Even sometimes I'm better than him. "
Fixed to us that God is Omniscient? He knows will size each of his slaves. He's not going to give something to his servant unless the appropriate size of the servant.
So, don't ever berburuk thought to God! Keep trying and thanks to what God gave to us! Do not complain and despair! But rest assured God always gives the best fit to the size of his slaves!

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