Friday, 11 December 2015

Sherlock Holmes and his friend Watson

Thomas Paine, an American statesman once said, ... Praised and ridiculed it often so close relation to hard grouped separately. One step above just compliment already makes it so the laughingstock. Similarly, one step above that ridiculed can make it in the League again.
You know about the famous detective stories, the Sherlock Holmes and his friend Watson?
Indeed a witty story we often hear between Sherlock Holms and Watson under is arguably just a joke. But the moral of the story could be quite willing to indicate what is meant by Thomas Paine at the top.
Never heard of? One afternoon Sherlock Holmes and its loyal Assistant Watson were camping in the middle of his expedition. After completing the meal that night, these two men thus entered and deep sleep in his tent.
Middle of the night Holmes suddenly awaken the Assistant.
Watson, wake up! Trying to say do you see?
While rub eyes Watson then look up to the sky, I see the billions star.
Then what is the meaning of it all sergah Holmes.
Billions of the star sign of the existence of the potential formation of millions of planets, replied Watson. But if time based on the current position of the Moon at 05.00 a.m. approached.
What else? urges the Bosses.
Ah, I was still sleepy and tired. Our own opinion, what is the meaning of it all?
Who asked pause. Then answered, Dear Watson! It means there is a burglar stole our TENT!
A friend, sometimes, once more, even in this life we also like Watson.

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